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You're invited to join us in the land of Fae!


In this 3 day series we will explore


*The mythology/reality of the Faery Realm

*Who are the faeries/elementals?

*Why is it important to get to know them?

*How do we recognize them?

*The importance of play

*The power of asking

*The beauty of emotions



You will learn tools and strategies to easily connect with the Faery Realm through:


*Guided automatic writing practice

*Guided journey to connect with trees

*Guided experience to connect with crystals

*Teachings from the book, Born This Fae



If you are ready to see this world from a magical new perspective, strengthen your intuition, and gain confidence in your spirit communication, this opportunity is for you!

Born This Fae 3 Day Masterclass Series

  • Dates: 

    Tuesday, February 22nd

    Tuesday, March 1st

    Tuesday, March 8th

    Each class will begin at 11:30 a.m. MST and run approx. 60 minutes live on Zoom. *Link will be sent via email 3 days before the first class. 

    Materials needed:


    Favorite writing utensil

    A crystal that calls to you

    Copy of the book, Born This Fae

    ***Be sure to subscribe to my email list here to receive Zoom link and all class updates.

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