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Imagine waking up one day from a life you chose, a life that made sense, to enter a curious world filled with magic, miraculous visions and journeys, and an extraordinary sense of self, grounded in purpose, passion, and peace.


In the spring of 2002, after a profound spiritual awakening, Erin Christine found herself living in a world of strange, new happenings, cosmic downloads, and a sudden, insatiable desire to connect with nature.

Guided by the Faery realm, Erin Christine takes you on a journey back to your truest, most authentic self.  Within the Faery realm, there exists a universal kingdom of beings dedicated to the care and wellbeing of this planet. They are the guardian angels and keepers of our most precious natural resources. They are born of our earth’s elements, just as humans are, and are in desperate need of our help to restore the world back to its healthy, vibrant state. Through the magic of storytelling and divine intervention, Erin invites you into the world of Fae.

Born This Fae offers readers practical, easy to understand guidance to connect with the Faery realm, raise personal and collective vibration, and help you better understand the role of pain in your life.

If you are ready to see yourself and this life through brand new eyes and discover how to truly make a difference in this world, this book is for you!



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Only $22

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A portion of all book sales will be donated to the conservation and education of bees and plants that support them.

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