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A Magical Day

Recently I had the great pleasure of attending my first plant sit. Those of you that know me well, know that I've been sitting and talking to plants and all things nature for almost 20 years. It's my weirdness, my gift come to life!

But this day was different, a magic like never before! I was joined by a group of extraordinary women, healers, sacred souls who like me, connect with nature so deeply that it has changed who they are. Together we are bringing voice to our great mother and changing this world one vibration at a time.

I was blessed to connect with my 5 year old self and heal a wound I didn't know I was carrying. It was one of the most beautiful, profound experiences of my life!

In honor of Miss Georgia, my mama tree

Full hug, legs too forehead to bark. Ancestral roots crossing time just to love, just to heal. My tears become cradle, Shh, baby girl, shh, Mama's here, Mama's got you. You are safe. You are enough. Just breathe baby girl... I got you.

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