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Cacao Ceremony

This sacred, private ceremony gives you permission to drop fully into your heart center, embrace yourself with love and compassion, and have the courage to surrender to the deepest parts of yourself that are ready to be healed. 

Ceremonial cacao is sacred plant medicine used for centuries to help people connect from their heart space. It is a hot beverage consumed in ritual with reverence and gratitude allowing the heart to open fully and experience feelings of bliss, love for all that is, and awareness of unhealed aspects of the heart. This medicine also draws you closer to your ancestors opening up deeper levels of healing.

Ceremonial cacao is a 90 minute one on one session with me utilizing the healing power of ancient plant medicine. The ceremony can be combined with other healing modalities.




**Ask about hosting your own in home group ceremony

Cacao Ceremony Testimonials

I recently had a cacao session with Erin, and since then I have been trying to find the words to truly convey what that session did for me. Though I have known and loved Erin for many years, this was the first time I opened myself up to her so completely, and in this capacity.   I could feel my excitement building from the moment I smelled the delicious steam rising from her simmering pot. As we sipped our cacao and began to talk purposefully, I felt a calm warmth spread over me, and thoughts and emotions I always knew were deep beneath the surface came to light. In those moments and during the Reiki session that followed, I experienced a new level of awareness, one that strengthened my current path and helped push me to accept the blessings the universe is sending me- including a chance to repair my relationship with my mother. I was able to release so much anger, sadness, heartache and self doubt and I am left with a new appreciation for my life and all the amazing things in store for myself and my family.  I seized the opportunity to purchase my own cacao from Erin and I look forward to continuing this practice regularly, as well as meeting with Erin for more sessions together because I know there is more work to be done. She is a truly magical individual who is willing and ready to make the world a better place! I highly recommend Erin’s services, and I urge you to try a cacao session with her- your spirit will thank you!

S.P. Glendale, AZ

I could tell from the moment that I arrived Erin had intuitively tuned into my energy to prepare for my cacao ceremony. I was drawn to cacao (even though I kept calling it Caribou & there was even a message in that). Erin explained the cacao concoction and options that I could add to it for taste. I chose to go all naturale.  The room for the ceremony was inviting and again I could tell that Erin intuitively knew what was right for me. The card decks she chose were spot on. I was able to glean insights for what I’m currently working on. I love the way Erin gently guides you and make suggestions. She doesn’t dominate, push or come off as authoritative nor hard sell. I’ve already shared my experience with Friends & they are looking forward to their ceremonies too!


C. H. Sun City, AZ

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